Welcome to the Cover Book Recipient Application
Cover is a Backstage Capital initiative to gift books to aspiring founders.

Application Criteria
1. All entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply regardless of race, gender, orientation, or creed.
2. Applicants will be selected at random.
3. Not all applicants will win a free book.
4. We reserve the right to end or alter the frequency of this giveaway at any time.

Application Rules
You can submit multiple Cover applications, but you are only permitted to submit one application for any individual book. So, if the book of the month is Venture Deals, you can only apply to win that book once.
What book are you applying for?

If you saw a specific book on the Backstage Capital website, please share that here. Please note that we can't guarantee that selected recipients will get the exact book they requested.
What's your full name? *

You know, like Beyonce Knowles.
Please share a link to one of your public social media accounts? *

Twitter, Facebook, etc. We need this to verify that you're a real human and not a spammer. ;)
Why would reading the specific Featured Book be important to you? *

Please keep it brief. 1-2 sentences (max: 250 characters). If you are selected, we'll contact you if any additional info is needed.
If you're selected, which format would you prefer? *

If selected... *

Please note, selecting to be featured doesn't guarantee that you will be. This question is to help us learn what applicants want to better serve them.

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